1. Marinara
Pomodoro, fresh basil leaves, garlic and oregano
2. Margherita Pomodoro, bocconcini and fresh basil leaves
3. Pepperoni Pomodoro, provolone, pepperoni and mushrooms
4. Hawaiian Pomodoro, provolone, prosciutto cotto and sweet pineapple
5. Giardino Pomodoro, provolone and parmigiano, black olives,
mushrooms, green peppers, red onions & fresh tomatoes
6. Quattro ForMaggi Pomodoro with bocconcini, gorgonzola, parmigiano
and provolone

7. Funghi Pomodoro, provolone, bocconcini, mushrooms
and prosciutto cotto

8. Bianca Parmigiano, garlic, olive oil and sea salt (no sauce)
9. Quattro Stagioni Pomodoro and bocconcini with a different topping on each
quarter; black olives, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms and artichokes
10. Provolone Pomodoro, provolone
12. Capricciosa Pomodoro, bocconcini, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms,
artichokes and black olives

14. Napoletana Pomodoro, anchovies, capers garlic and oregano
15. Procciutto cotto Pomodoro, bocconcini and gorgonzola and prosciutto cotto
16. The Pimento’s Pomodoro, provolone, bocconcini, roasted red peppers,
red onions, Pimento’s made in house Italian sausage.
Spicy or mild.

17. Italian Cowboy modoro, provolone, bocconcini, prosciutto cotto, pepperoni,
Italian sausage and green peppers

Our pizzas may be finished with fresh shaved Prosciutto Crudo
the true Italian way.

Menu item details
Pomodoro: tomato sauce
Provolone: string cheese
Bocconcini: fresh mozzarella cheese
Gorgonzola: Italian blue cheese
Parmigiano: firm, aged cheese
Prosciutto cotto: Italian cooked ham
Prosciutto crudo: Italian cured ham

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